Contrarian Money Advice For First Generation Wealth Creators...that works!

What if I told you that today is not only the best time ever to earn record income but, because of

advances in technology, banking, insurance, and more, you can secure that wealth like never before.

This is dedicated to the renegades out there who have the audacity to create massive success

among a world of “slackers” and “takers”. Those who, against any and all odds, have created

something special. Those who understand that the lame financial advice being hurled at the public is

not for you. You have graduated to the world of abundance and seek ideas that cut taxes, protect

wealth, and grow in a prudent manner.

The big question for all who attain a higher level of assets is whether or not it’s just a blip or a

permanent location.

As new financial fads continue to rise and fall, the rich continue to maintain

traction, ascend and protect each step of the ladder. Those that fall, either they were not mentally

prepared for the issues money creates and fall back to “safety” or they refuse to do what those who

sustain wealth have done. My goal is to help you understand the main themes of wealth so that your

journey will result in long term financial fortitude.

If you're anything like me or the people I have worked with, you probably didn’t get into business to end

up broke and frustrated or living on a fraction of your true potential. Yet, most people regardless of

income or ability will end up with far less than what is possible. I’ve seen first hand Big Dreams

disappear never to be found again.

That said, who wants to save less, have more, and enjoy this thing called life without the constant

nagging of money worries? Welcome to a transformative time where money flows like a river to a few,

while it remains a scarce resource to the herd.

This is for all those who are fed up with paying their “Unfair Share”. Sick of greedy politicians feeling

the need to confiscate half of their earnings to pay for their utopian welfare state.. Those who want to

keep more of what they earn and direct it toward causes they care about.

They know down deep on an instinctual level that people on the next money tier don’t play the money

game anything like the common folk. They know that most of the financial advice is geared for those

who are only playing for the scraps left by those who have already won the game.

They are also those who want to rig the system in their favor once and for all by stealing a page from

the Billionaire playbook to win the money game like never before. They want to ascend from a high risk

financial position to relative certainty. To literally tilt the odds, so they can reap the rewards earned

through honest work and value creation.

Have you reached the level of success where it would really hurt to lose? You’ve sacrificed hard to get

where you are and don’t ever want to have to start over ever again? Many don’t have the drive, desire,

or guts they once had; years of abusing both body and mind do take a toll.

Now, safety, confidence, and guarantees are much more relevant than pie in the sky possibilities and

projections; but you don’t want to settle for less than something great?

Big promises, I know! But once you finish reading this book, you know the recipe that creates fortunes

that aren’t obstructed by the Taxes, Time, or Uncertainty. You’ll know the path of those who are no

longer struggling to reach goals making it more possible than ever before to reach and maintain your

own financial independence.

My clients don’t want to become financial consultants, they are great at something else; but they want

to understand the game and how to play smarter, faster, and stronger. They want tangible advice that

is drawn up just for them. Do you?

I know, ideas are a dime a dozen, but what if I told you there really is a smarter way to get to and stay

on top, which eliminates the exact threats that could take you down or even wipe you out completely?

At the same time, this approach creates financial strength, speed, and stability like no other..

How would it feel to know that regardless of…

-Stock Market Crashes

-Fluctuating Interest Rates

-Untimely Death

-Future Tax Increases


You were still right on schedule and had the means and fortitude to withstand almost any storm.

We live in crazy times. The world, and more specifically, the economy are under constant evolution.

With technology, everything seems to be happening at warp speed. For those who have built

something they are proud of and don’t want to lose, this is for you!

Aren’t we are all fascinated by this little thing called money? Making it rain is so much fun, isn’t it?

Getting paid for all the blood, sweat, and tears you have invested into your craft feels nice. Living

without a care in the world. Loving and making a real difference. What a drug! Some fear too little or

too much. It’s just a facilitator to life. It’s an illusion, but it makes the world go round. Without it we are

sunk, with it we are sunk, what to do?

The best I know can take it or leave it, but would prefer to have an avalanche of it versus the

alternative! They also seem to have an ease around large amounts of money instead of apprehension

and fear. The proverbial question is whether this ease came before or after the money? Based on my

observations, it definitely came before the money.

Money provides the home, travel, and lifestyle we choose to live. It also provides the level or tier of our

experience. The high rollers in Vegas are on a completely different get away than those of far less

means. While the rest of the world is staying in the rooms below, they are enjoying chef prepared

meals from their penthouse suite overlooking the Strip. Maybe your version is different, you are more

about providing for those you love and the causes you care about, while leaving the high life to

someone else. Regardless, money is either an ever expanding resource or a constant source of pain

and frustration.

Are there more efficient ways to handle your money that only a handful of advisers in the country have

access to? The short answer is yes. There are tons of ideas that make building and sustaining wealth

not nearly as daunting as some would make it seem. My life’s quest has been to finally uncover these

nuggets of information and share them with those who are driven to succeed at the highest level.

Buried deep in the tax code are multiple tactics to eliminate this wealth destroying monster known as

taxes. Do you have to be a global corporation to eliminate the tax fiend from your earnings? How

much quicker would you grow if taxes were not such a pain in the wallet?

The IRS knows that only the best and brightest will ever educate themselves on how to combat their devious plots. Most are too lazy, ignorant, or fearful to even look at something that will reduce their burden out of fear of unleashing the enforcement teams at the IRS.

What you will discover throughout this book is the no-BS guide to building and sustaining a huge pile of

assets so you can live like a king or queen and leave a legacy you can be proud of. It’s based on math,

tax laws, and over 26 years of high level consulting. I am a student of the game of money and have

had the good fortune to learn first hand from people who make it look easy to control huge assets

without getting caught up in the traps that others seem to disappear into.

Let’s face it, very few will even get to where you are at financially right now. Does that mean that you

should feel guilty or stop pursuing even greater outcomes? If you really look at family units, even the

best have only one or a few people that have created something above-average.

What does this mean?

If you are one of these chosen few whom the entire success or failure of your family is

depending on, you must not stop at good or even great. You must grow, protect, and dominate the

financial game using methods that are well beyond the grasp of the common man.

It’s time to swing open the doors to endless wealth and privilege in your world. Time to stop being

stopped by the ideas, methods, and obstacles that stop all but those “in the know”. Time to break free

and own your success at the level you truly desire. No offense to Suzy Orman or Dave Ramsey, but

this book is for serious people who have the means and now choose to live and be rich.

Are you tired of getting only a little piece and really would prefer the whole pie? The purpose of this

book is to show you how to accelerate your financial strength, protect against real threats, reduce

taxes, and live an inspired financial life moving forward.

No longer will you have to wonder how to master the money game or feel at the mercy of “the system”.

You hold the secrets used for generations by the wealthiest families in the world. I’ve made it my life’s quest to uncover this mystery and now you hold in your hands the answers I found to be mathematically sound.

Is money just a game of chance that some win and most lose? What if I told you the game is much

easier and winnable than you think? That the so-called “experts” are basically clueless as to the real

foundation of wealth, and that the market is not where you will create the majority of your pile of money.

Think about it, if the market was the place to build real returns, why would a bank lend you a cent?

Corporations, governments, and yes, banks, know the real secret to wealth and it has little to do with

the Stock Market.

Would you rather chase abnormally high returns with high risks or go after consistent returns with more money? Which one involves the most risks? But, where would the large amount of money come from?

I’ll show you how to employ the same ideas used by real estate developers to fund their projects that

you can use to fund your future like never before. All the while, you will be maximizing wealth, gaining

tax advantages, reducing risks, and securing a foundation built on guarantees, not hope and BS.

Why is it that at the end of a successful career, two people with the same income can end up in

completely different ends of the financial spectrum? One set for life, the other living as a dependent of

the government, relatives, or living well-below the lifestyle they enjoyed while working. It is so sad to

see business owners, who took risks and created great things, end up at a lower level than their

employees. This happens way more often than you can imagine.

Is the money game a mystery? Is it up to fate? Or, rather, are there specific actions one can take to

win this game once and for all? Do those who win do things that the rest do not? How have they

hacked the wealth equation? What does mean to actually win the game? Is there a secret ingredient

to their recipe of success?

These questions have always been a focus throughout my financial consulting journey. I have had the

privilege and honor to work with some amazing people over the last 26 years. I want to share ideas

learned about how the richest and most successful do it without all the drama and nonsense found in

the traditional approaches. Also, I’ve witnessed first-hand exactly what does and does not create

specific outcomes.

Before we get going, let me say this...Creating and securing a fortune does not require you to live

broke, chase the stock market, or hit the lottery. Best of all, it does not take forever to get there. The

people that promote these ideas are missing the secret ingredient(s) and don’t even know where to

start. To get into the financial industry and even to become successful, does not require you to know

the real secrets to wealth creation and protection.

My goal is to help those who seek to live life to the fullest how to learn from the Billionaire Playbook

how to get to an Ideal Financial Position in record time by employing proven ideas that are ignored by

the masses. Once there, I will also share how to make your ideal Financial Position BULLETPROOF

from the predators that would like to leave you without a pot to piss in.

What I learned early in my career and I see confirmed everyday, is that only a very small percentage of

advisors, let alone clients, ever learn why and how some are rich while the many are poor. Add to this,

mainstream publications and information are for the “average” investor, not those of high means.

Today is the absolute best time in the history of man to become wealthy, live free, and create massive

value. With technology, a small store can become a worldwide success. A network marketer, who

used to have to do in home parties, can become a rock star on Facebook and in turn, create wealth like

a pro athlete. A good idea can now become a worldwide success in seconds. Technology has crushed

those looking for a job, but empowered those who are building a business.

The problem for these superstars is that most have no clue how to manage their success. On top of

that, they are hit with all the obstacles that follow their new higher station in life. Many buy mansions,

drive the latest and greatest cars they can find, and then their enormous tax bill arrives. They are

soaking up all the lifestyle their new level can find and don’t have a clue as to what’s next.

I believe, after living this situation myself for years and watching many others do the same, that the first

key to any sustained financial strength is having a plan that includes certainty. With a program like that,

it makes it so much easier to get excited and commit to taking the steps to build it.

Without sage advice from someone who has been there and done that, most high income families live

in a world of hurt. The stress, fear, and uncertainty is overwhelming. I used to wonder how I got

caught up in this rat race. Always wondering when the other shoe would drop, my thoughts tended to

go from bad to worse. I was living the dream life that I had imagined but the dream in my youth did not

contain all the doubts, worries, and panic that large incomes tend to foster.

Why do billionaires seem to have the Midas touch and turn everything they touch to gold? And, did

they have this before they got minted? I decided just over 5 years ago to just pretend I was a

billionaire, and figure out exactly what I should be doing financially to ensure that no matter what, I was

protected from all that would attack. This search led to tons of interviews with attorneys, CPA s,

financial planners, and even reading as many books, new and old, on the subject of wealth.

What I learned is contained in these pages. Much of it is alien to the traditional, slow, and obsolete,

ways of creating and sustaining wealth. These ideas work and do not require one to employ a fortune

teller, a shrink, or any other means to get to and stay at the top.

A word of warning, these ideas are for high achievers that have both the means and the intellect to go

to the rare air of true wealth. This is not for beginners or those who are not in financially viable

situation. My clients have income and assets well above the norm and the advice I will share is for this

type of person. For reference, my clients usually have 7 figure annual income level and/or net worth

above $10 million.

So, with that, let’s get started with some basic ideas that will help you to win the money game once and

for all.

The first thing that must be determined before taking any actions toward financial strength is to know

the value of two things. Number one, you must know the real cost of your lifestyle. How much does it

cost to live at the level you desire? Not just normal expenses, but also vacations, holidays, education

costs, etc. Once you have that total, add another 25% to cover the unforeseen expenses. If you have

no idea, look at how much you made after tax last year and deduct how much you saved. This will give

you a good idea of how much your life is costing.

Now that you have that number, say it’s $500k, divide it by 5%. In the case of $500k, it would be $10

million. ($500,000 divided by .05 = $10,000,000) With that you have just found your freedom number.

In other words, once you get to $10,000,000 in assets generating at least 5% per year, you are set. At

that point, it will not matter what happens with your business or life, the lifestyle you have created will

continue without fail.

I know this is super basic, but I’ve worked with many people who are well beyond their target and don’t

realize it. Once they do, then a real ease comes over them and what is amazing is that many even

produce way better once they know that they are good no matter what. For the first time, they actually

feel the way they have dreamed about for years. Clarity is power, use it with this simple formula to

determine where you are. If you are not there yet, not a problem. Using the ideas that come later will

help you get there much quicker.

For those of you that are really into finance, you probably noticed that I left inflation out of the equation.

You could add it in but I wanted to start off with this super simple example to make the point that

regardless of what level of income your lifestyle desires cost, you can work it backward to find the

“breakaway” point where you have essentially won the money game.

By knowing up front what this number is you can:

1. Set proper goals

2. Have target to achieve

3. Start creating certainty instead of living in fear

4. Know how much life insurance you should carry (at minimum)

5. Assess risks in a tangible manner

Just by knowing this number, which 99% of families do not know, you are on your way to a better

future. How exciting is that?

For a moment ask yourself this question, how much more could I focus on what I want to achieve if I

knew for certain that regardless of the risks I took, my family and I would be taken care of?

For many, their dream life is not that costly when broken down like this and their results in business and life skyrocket when they know that they are playing a game they can win. Confidence is fueled by this

simple accounting.

Next, I want to discuss what obstacles are in the way of creating and sustaining top financial strength.

The biggest obstacles to growing Wealth Strength:

1. Taxes (Now and Later)

2. Low amount of assets working

3. Lawsuits (over 70,000 filed per day in the United States)

4. Poor or losing investments

5. Early Demise

6. Prolonged Illness

7. Overspending

If you control these, you will have much more to spend on the things you want. But look at the list, does your

current planning protect and preserve your assets if one or more of the obstacles came to attack your


Most people, even very wealthy people, are sitting ducks to disaster if even one of these came

into fruition. By the way, taxes are always attacking. A whole chapter will help you beat them back like

never before using IRS compliant ideas that move you from high income to high wealth (read less


All that I ask is that if you are serious about finally winning the financial game, keep an open mind

throughout. Take the ideas that resonate and discard the rest. I am sharing a ton of ideas on what

works and you will not hurt my feelings one iota if nothing seems to fit into your current paradigm.

My financial practice took off, we now serve clients in 11 states, after I stopped trying to be the “know it

all” and instead converted it into something similar to the Mayo Clinic. I realized the deeper I dug into

top financial ideas, there were experts in each area of the game.

Nowadays, I’m more of an Architect than an advisor. This approach uses the expertise of many to unleash the power of great planning in a

comprehensive manner. I am able to focus on the big picture and have specialists manage the detail


No one has a monopoly on great ideas and that is why I want to congratulate you on taking the time to

learn more ways to benefit your bottom line. Add to that, the fact that the speed of change has never

been faster. New laws, taxes, and more are coming in at breakneck speed. Adapt or die is not just a

saying, it’s the truth these days.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy the power behind their approach to


Keep in mind throughout that all of us who are not born into great wealth have been told a story about

money and assets that is not true or correct. Have you ever heard the following statements about


-”It’s scarce or money doesn’t grow on trees.”

-”If you play by the rules, you will finally have wealth when you are retired.”

-”Your net worth is what you have up to this point minus debts”

-”The stock market is where rich families put their money”

Imagine, seeing once and for all what is holding you back from living a life

without money worries. One where you can take your success and convert it to a place where you can

make a difference. I know these are bold claims and am aware that most of you may have doubts as to

the validity of my claims. I would have felt the same way if someone would have proposed the same

thing to me before I found the real answers to wealth.

My goal is to open the eyes of those who seek financial freedom for themselves

and those they love. My father always used to say “the hardest thing to open is a closed mind”, so this

is only intended for those who are open to ideas, open to progress, and sick and tired of settling for less

than they can be, have, and do.