About John

Integrated Advice

Advice without context is to turn off your life GPS. We address your entire financial world and guide you toward your goals.

Refreshingly Transparent

Clear processes and open communication, we tell it like it is.

The Latest Strategies

Resting on our laurels isn’t in our DNA because great work doesn’t happen by accident.

Real Experience

We are an award winning multi-disciplinary team with over 30 year of class leading business and financial advice.

Thinking Differently

Why follow in the footsteps of other firms when a better path so clearly exists?

What Makes Me Tick?

what I do

As a Wealth Specialist, I focus on helping clients avoid landmines and secure opportunities. I have been an innovator in this field for many decades. I bring my Midwest values of honesty, common sense, and appreciation to each client relationship.

What makes me different

Unlike most advisers, I have spent several years researching what ultra wealthy families do different than everyone else. I wrote two books while on this journey to being a unique authority on the subject. Now I work everyday with wealthy clients. This kind of unparalleled access gives me the rare and super relevant perspective required to provide meaningful direction at a whole other level.

My company is fiercely independent. I'm a collaborator and am always seeking to grow list of powerful solutions providers. No one has a monopoly on good ideas and in today's complex world, specialist have to focus on one thing to know it backwards and forwards.

How I help Private Clients 

• Find out what's most important to them
• Design the Strategy and Action Plan(s) based around What's Important to Them.
• Provide Ultra Exclusive Access to an Expert pool of multi disciplined Providers
• Immerse myself in each case and follow-up until complete.
• Constantly maintain two-way communication.
• Provide relevant guidance years after initial planning is in place.

Mission statement 

My team and I exist to do one thing better than anyone, to enable top achievers to secure unbreakable wealth positions.

We are radically different, without hidden agenda, and fully committed going the extra mile for every client, every time.

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